Team building: Ancient Olympic Games

A real satire of sports and antique customs!

Not all games are Olympic, but they all are themed, fun and some even unexpected!


The Ancient Olympic Games will have between 6 and 10 challenges that intend to portray and satirize antiquity and sports / customs of that era.
The challenges are prepared to receive 2 teams simultaneously on a direct competition. The rotation allows the crossing of several teams over the games.
All games will have an adequate characterization to an ancient era spirit experience (hats, robes, crowns and other props).

Specific Aims of the Action

(can be custom designed to meet our customers’ needs)

  • Strengthening Organizational Identity and the institution / company Culture;
  •  Team Spirit Consolidation;
  • Contribution to the creation of a good interpersonal relationship between the team members.


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    Lisbon / Peniche / areas with spacious lawns
    Conditions to carry out elsewhere: site survey. May entail an impact on the final value.


    3h30 (Possibility to reduce or extend the program)



    Team Size:

    150 to 200 pax

    Dynamic Development

    Based on teams, identified by a number but also by the name of a people, the goal is to achieve the most success possible in all the dynamics (games) in order to reach the podium.

    Teams of 6 to 8 elements are ideal.

    Dynamics (games included (the reset according to the size of the group and the time available for activity):
    1. Chariot Races
    2. The Catapult
    3. By Trireme along Greek islands
    4. Sponge Wars
    5. DVFRACVS Taxman along Empire Roads
    6. The Lighthouse of Alexandria
    7. Javelin throw / Giant Mikado
    8. Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    9. Discus throw
    10. The Feast of the Emperor

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