Team Building: City Challenge

This program will lead the participants to live an integrated experience of a modern and typical Lisbon.


This program will lead the participants to live an integrated experience of a modern and typical Lisbon. The action takes place in an urban environment, leading participants to go through a historic area (such as Alfama, Castelo, Mouraria), remaining the area and the route to be set. The Road-Book is gradually developed according to client’s need.

Specific Aims of the Action

(can be custom designed to meet our customers’ needs)

  • Strengthening group Identity;
  • Consolidation of team spirit, founded upon cooperation and commitment;
  • Contribute to a proper Interpersonal Relationship among colleagues ;
  • Encouraging creativity;
  • Time-Management Awareness;
  • Value different visions and individual approaches towards a group resolution.


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    Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra





    Team Size:

    0 to 350 pax

    Dynamic Development

    Based on teams, the goal of the CITY CHALLENGE is simple, complete the guide-book with the highest number of points and answer the gathered clues/riddles.

    CITY CHALLANGE is based on a Road-Book, consisting of several puzzles and questions that must be answered in order to identify key locations, which correspond to local historical, architectural, cultural references…

    After receiving the Road-Book, teams , will follow a specific route discovering constantly with a playful approach, not only historical but also cultural places;

    The discovery of new places are done either by information contained in the Road-Book or clues to the locations that will appear as the teams’ progress. For each site visited a score is assigned…

    In order to achieve the goal teams must face some challenges – intermediate stages and the final destination are unknown, having the teams to “decode” them, thru given clues and useful information. As well as teams walks by Lisbon they must overcome games and challenges throughout the road-book.

    This action program is enriched with the inclusion of some special moments and experiences, such as:

    •  Tram 28 trip (partial);
    • Ginginha Tasting (Cherry Liquor);
    • Tuk Tuk Transfer;
    • Pastéis de Belém Tasting (Custard Pies)

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