Your company will naturally promote different kinds of events throughout its business life: Christmas commemorations, anniversary, incentives to reward employees, teambuilding to motivate co-workers and to promote team work, experiential training to work behavioural skills, social responsibility actions to repay and contribute to the society in which operates, family responsibility actions (Family Day, Kids at the office, holiday camps for employees children) or completely personalized initiatives. Equinócio can collaborate with your company in all these moments by providing an integrated event management (transfer, location, catering, gifts, development and implementation of the overall image of the event).

Find out more about our programs:

Team Building

Motivational programs whose purpose is to create a more integrated team, reinforcing the “team spirit”, interpersonal relationships and the feeling of inclusiveness.

Experiential Learning Activities

Activities that introduce and develop skills, competencies and attitudes that are necessary for effective teamwork and/or leadership.


We propose several programs, single day or weekend lenght, in different parts of the country, with a range of leisure and adventure activities.

Social Responsability

We prepare all the logistics and organizational components necessary to implement your social responsibility action with the involvement of your employees in the various tasks.

Custom Events

We have a catalog of corporate activities however we can customize, or create from scratch, your event schedule. Count on our experience.

Summer Camps

Active holiday programs for children with pick up and drop off at your company (Greater Lisbon area), for the convenience of your employees.