Team building: Movie Making

We are going to challenge your team to produce a short movie (i.e.: Products ads and/or company’s services).


We are going to challenge your team to produce a short movie (i.e.: Products ads and/or company’s services). Each team can dress up in costume, make up and have fun. We also provide an ipad (leaving teams totally autonomous during the movie’s development) such as script writing, filming & edition.

It’s an extremely animated and fun activity where not only teamwork gives “action” but also communication, creativity, decision-making, time management and leadership have an important “role”…

Specific Aims of the Action

(can be custom designed to meet our customers’ needs)

  • Strengthening group Identity;
  • Consolidation of team spirit, founded upon cooperation and commitment;
  • Contribute to a proper Interpersonal Relationship among team members;
  • Time-Management Awareness;
  • Value different visions and individual approaches towards a group resolution.


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    2h30 + 0h30



    Team Size:

    12 to 300 pax

    Dynamic Development

    Movie Making encourage participants to produce their own movie. The Group is divided into teams, with no more than 10/pax in order to enhance an effective involvement among team members.

    This action can be tailored to suit the team’s requirement such as movie themes, formats and time-framings;
    Theme: Can be defined a priori or can be free. Corporate or free theme.
    Format: Combined with the defined theme, it can be settled free format or specific one: short-film, advertisement, Videoclip, thriller, corporate video, TV commercials, movie classics and documentaries…
    Time-Frame: 30 seconds up to several minutes’ movie length.

    Innovation… Supplied with iMovies on iPads, teams’ will record and edit their own movies!

    In a Fun Fast Paced race, the teams’ strengths and hidden talents are highlighted when the finished films/outlines are shown at the end-of-event awards ceremony!

    As a suggestion, movies should be presented at the end of a meal (Lunch, Dinner, and Coffee Break), when the election takes place and the prizes are awarded!

    Each team is asked to create its own movie, regarding the following points:

    – Conception of an idea
    – Creation & Storyboard development (Script Writing);
    – Recording Rehearsals;
    – Shooting
    – Edition.

    We do an Integrated Management of Your Event.