Team Building: Score 100

SCORE 100 is an action based on a simple competitive orienteering game, in a fast paced way …


SCORE 100 is an action based on a simple competitive orienteering game, in a fast paced way … teams needs to obtain exactly 100 points (neither more or less) in the shortest time possible. Each checkpoint marked on map as a score assigned to it and they vary according distance and difficulty, however teams don’t know what is score on it.

SCORE 100 is an intensely collaborative event team development session that provides team members actives that explore the dynamics of communication, reliability and teamwork under the pressure of time.

Specific Aims of the Action

(can be custom designed to meet our customers’ needs)

  • Encouraging the extension of the field of vision off-site the workplace,
  • Fostering the Extension of the field of vision outside the workplace, thru understanding the needs, goals and priorities of every individual employee;
  • Goals, priorities of each colleague
  • Contribute to a proper Interpersonal Relationship among colleagues ;
  • Team Collaboration – coming together to “integrate” a diversity of processes for final execution;


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    In any city, it can be held indoors or outdoors, in an urban, suburban or even a rural environment


    1h00 – 2h30



    Team Size:

    12 to 400 pax

    Dynamic Development

    Checkpoints (CP) are hidden in the field game, there are more than the necessary that any team would be able to accomplish. The aim is not quantity but quality … teams need to navigate on the field collecting exactly 100 points, in the shortest time possible.

    Teams must draw a strategy from the start! Complexity, distance and point values will help them to determine a strategy to collect the 100 points, it’s up to teams to choose wisely which checkpoints they want to visit.

    Working against the clock teams must navigate quickly and effectively through the checkpoints where some of them have mandatory activities to all teams, this involve time and efficient strategy development by teams.

    Teams are supplied with maps, control cards and checkpoints list with scores. We can develop the base game dynamic through the implementation of a few additional of enrichment of behavioral aspects… and/or increasing the challenge including questions related to the reality of the group/client.

    Sharing a common goal…
    In addition to the individual goal of each team, is introduced a common goal gathering all the teams – construct a wall painting. Through the game each team will conquer parts of the wall and by the end all teams get together to glue the parts in a large scoreboard.

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