Within the framework of social responsibility, we provide all the logistics and organizational elements necessary to your initiative.

We implement your initiatives of social and environmental responsibility, bringing closer actions between children (Kids at the office Day) and families (Family Day) and the company. And in the summer we propose the holiday camps with pick up and drop off at your company.

Find out more about our programs:

Summer Camps

We organize programs with pick up and drop off at your company, for the convenience of your employees and great holidays for their children.

Family Day

Family day is an opportunity to join the employees and their families in an event that brings closer families to the company.

Kids Day in the Office

Within the framework of familiarly responsible companies one of the rising demands is the approach of children to their parents labor reality.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We prepare all the logistics and organizational components necessary to implement your Social and Environmental Responsibility action with the involvement of your employees.