Team Building activities at Equinócio include motivational programs whose purpose is to create a more integrated team, reinforcing the “team spirit” and the feeling of inclusiveness. It will improve the way co-works interact and work together.

Find out more about our Team Building Indoor programs:


We are going to challenge your team to produce a short movie (i.e.: Products ads and/or company’s services). Each team can dress up in costume, make up and have fun.

Challenging Constructions

We create short dynamics focusing on teamwork and problem solving. This action introduces and develops the skills, competencies and attitudes that are necessary for effective teamwork.


We propose to organize a Cooking Team Building, which aims to teach techniques, recipes and work organization, without forgetting the playful side.

Fun Team

Different fun group dynamics that purport to promote or develop different behavioral skills: group identity, spirit of cooperation, communication, trust, leadership and others.

Wacky Races

The Wacky Races are fun races cartoon inspired: the teams draw, build and run the created and featured vehicles.

Wine Blending

An exercise of focusing, playing with your senses and providing a sense of accountability. Each team has the challenge of making their own wine.